Old Master Cylinder New master cylinder The braking system has been overhauled with new wheel cylinders all-around, new master cylinder, new rear flexible pipes and the rear brake pipes replaced (see note below).

The brake pipe unions are now a mixture of M10x1.25 (old Fiat thread) and M10x1.0 (modern standard) - the wheel cylinders are the old thread and the Master Cylinder is the new thread (as is the new 3-way connector at the rear).

In this photo you can also see the new fuel lines - the old ones were heavily coroded. Brake and fuel pipes

I've added a new union to the front brake pipe to connect to the new Master Cylinder (as different thread). However, as the unions to the 4-way connector (includes brake light switch) are siezed solid I've opted to keep the original front brake pipes and flexible hoses for now. (These don't appear to be corroded and are servicable for the time being.)

The front brake pipes and 4-way connector will be replaced when I upgrade to front discs - I have the bits but these need overhauling before fitting to Connie.

Ideally, I'd like to upgrade to rear discs as well but this looks more problematic so I'm looking into upgrading the drums to self-adjusters (as on the 900E).